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Dance School TŠ StandardKlub Praha

We offer:

Dance Lessons in English

If you wish to learn to dance in English, contact us for more details.


Read an article from Radio Praha called Czechs have all the right moves when it comes to ballroom dancing and find out why ballroom dacing is so popular in Czech Republic!, tel. 608 506 927 (Petr Štukjunger)

Who We Are

History of our dance school begins in 1946. We focus mainly on sport dances, to be specific:
  • Standard Dances: waltz, tango, viennese waltz, quickstep, slowfox
  • Latin-american Dances: samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, jive, paso doble
In brief, we are a group of people for whom the dancing is not just a form of social entertainment. We do not make our living by dancing, but we spend big or small (rather bigger, I'd say) part of our free time with it. Dance is a hobby, a fun, a sport, a relaxation... and first of all great people who make up our school.

Our Activities

Our school is registered with Czech Dance Sport Federation (CDSF, a member of IDSF). Our dance couples are engaging in dance competitions in categories hobby, D, C, B and A. Our dance formation of standard dances was engaged in several competitions including Championship of Czech Republic 2006 and 2007 in category of ball choreographies.

Dancing performances
Several times per year we present shows of our couples or dance formations all over the Czech Republic. Our clients are usually high schools, universities, trade networks, even noted companies. Of course we perform on private parties, too, where we sometimes vary our shows by teaching dances. We also prepare choreographies for graduation balls.
If you are interested in our dancing performances, please contact us!

Most of our time is, of course, takes up training. Our school prepares both individual couples and dancing formations. Our ballrooms are located in the centre of Prague. See training schedule for exact times and addresses. We practise 7 days a week.

In addition to training for competitions, we also teach dances both social and sport form and prepare dance choreographies for dancing balls.
We organize team-building events - dance is a perfect ice-breaker.

If you are interested in our training activities, please contact us!


Join us!
Our school also prepares beginning dancers - there are dance classes especially dedicated for them twice a week. At the end of each year we hold an annual competition, where all our dancers have an opportunity to compare their skills with all others in several categories. This competition provides great chance to try out a feel of a real competition.
For more information please contact our leaders.
     Apart from regular trainings during the whole week, we also have intensive weekend trainings several times a year, where we practise standard and latin-american dances, physical endurance, but we also enjoy our time together by other activities than dancing.


Here you can look through our gallery full of videoclips and photos from competitions, performances, trainings and other activities.
Don't miss this:
   • Presentation of our school, which consists of videoclips and photos
   • The best of formation, digest of photos of our formation


Tanecni skola StandardKlub Praha o.s.
Majerskeho 2039
149 00 Praha 4

We'll be happy to answer your questions at:
tel. 00 420 608 506 927 (Petr Stukjunger)

Leaders of the school
Petr Stukjunger (

New Members

We take in new members
all year long!

Dance Lessons in English

• We organise individual dance lessons at both social and sport level.
• We organise team-building events.
• We prepare dance choreographies.
Our ballrooms are located in the centre of Prague.

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